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We have total consistency to reply customersf needs and expectation on the base of our integrated production process from designing to mass production only in our company.

Development Process
  Customerfs Requirement

Customerfs Requirement such as lightweight, lower cost, high quality

ShapeEMaterial Study ShapeEMaterial Study

Each section of sales, technology development and production, carefully examines projects for customers. Then we start development in our consistent production process to reply customerfs requirement such as product design, function, low cost.

Product Design Product Design

Pursue product function and low cost, and suggest a design of 100% reliable products with new idea. It will create a value above its needs.

CAE Analysis CAE Analysis

Achieve reduction of development cost and lead time by making full use of the latest software and each analysis simulation such as stress, vibration, hot water flow, coagulation.

Mold Design/Manufacturing Mold Design/Manufacturing

Short delivery and high precision mold manufacturing, surpassing other companies, are possible by our scheme design on the base of the casting technological capability and introduction of integrated system making full use of 3D-CAD/CAM.

Evaluation Evaluation

Give materials evaluation and strength assessment, and close check stress distribution of the product and the durability in latest equipment. Reliable technology and achievements so far lead to rigorous product management.

Commercialization Commercialization

We study and develop aiming at technological advancement all the times. We offer our products to customers all over the world as well as Japan.

Thermal analysis cases

Estimate highest temperature, deformation amountyfallz and maximum stress by simulation at designing of a brake disk, and strive to optimize a design.

yAnalysis resultz
Highest temperature  Deformation amountyFallz  Stress
yDynamo Testz yTest resultz 
Dynamo Test  Heat crack Temperature distribution
 Heat crackTemperature distribution
The brake performance is guaranteed by reflecting test results such as disk temperature,
property, occurrence of heat crack under the severe condition, on a design.
FEM analysis cases

Strive to develop light weight by FEM analysis and inspection of stress concentration part at designing.

ySimulationz yInspection by Static fracture testingz 
Simulation  Simulation
Simulation  Simulation
  Inspection by Static fracture testing Inspection by Static fracture testing Sample TP

Validation of 3D laser scanner

Inspect the part that is difficult to measure by using the laser scanner.

Capture a product form into a PC by laser beams hitting. Strive for substantial quality verification by form validation of all products.
yForm Capturez
Form Capture Form Capture
Overlap the data brought, inspect the difference of them, and reflect it on the mold.

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